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Online Ludo Money Game is the top skill-based game currently available in India. Ludo Money has been one of the most widely played games in recent years, and it is popular among all age groups. The game offers incredible features and a 100% guarantee to earn money and prizes, which is the reason why it's the game of choice for many players. .

Ludo Money Game is designed to enhance players' skills in Ludo while also allowing them to earn money.

The central question is whether playing Ludo games for real money is possible in India?

It is important to understand and consider certain factors to determine whether investing money in online Ludo games, available on Android, iOS, and the web, is safe and secure.


  • Reliable and trustworthy gaming


Popular online ludo games in India are well known for for their reliable and trustworthy gaming. They provide proper reports to players and use a random number generator to build trust.

Currently, Ludo365, a real money Ludo game, prevents players under 18 from playing online Ludo games in India. Additionally, the deposit and withdrawal functionality has a daily limit


  • Safe and Secure Gaming


To provide secure access to players, Ludo games must use a secure socket layer for data transfer and reception from the server. All payment gateways used are highly secure, such as Paytm, which ensures secure transactions, allowing you to play Ludo 365 games with ease.


  • Legality of the game


The legality of playing Ludo games online is a common concern among users. The Supreme Court of India has declared Ludo as a skill-based game and thus it is legal to play. The game requires analytical skills and strategy to move the pawns correctly. 

However, it's important to note that players from certain states such as Assam, Telangana, and Odisha are prohibited from playing money games of any kind within their state. Players from other states can participate in money tournaments. To ensure a safe and secure gaming experience, it's best to play on trustworthy websites.


  • Customer Support


Effective customer support is crucial for the success of a Ludo website. Players should consider playing on sites that have a responsive customer support center, as issues with online payments can arise and need to be resolved promptly.


  • RNG certifications


An RNG (Random Number Generator) certification is not mandatory to play Ludo games on a website, but it is important for building trust with players. A website with RNG certification ensures that the game is fair and unbiased. 

In conclusion, if an online Ludo site adheres to all the discussed criteria such as trustworthy gaming, security, legality, customer support, and RNG certification, players can be confident of a safe and secure online gaming experience in India.

It’s time to introduce you to a platform that meets these standards and offers great value for money.

LUDO 365 offers a variety of modes for Indian Ludo enthusiasts.

The online Ludo game LUDO365 offers multiple options for playing the game.

Low deposit requirements, generous guarantees, enticing money prizes, and 24/7 gaming are some of the key features of this Ludo website. Let's take a look at some of the ongoing tournaments on Ludo 365.

Game Modes Entry fee Entry Time Winning Prize
Quick Mode 10-1000 INR Any Time 95%
Classic Mode 10-1000 INR Any Time 95%
Tournament Mode 1000-10000 INR 9AM - 9PM 95%


So, we hope this information clears any doubts you may have and helps you feel more confident in playing online Ludo earning applications.

Happy Earnings!

The current generation is not only playing Ludo for entertainment, but also as a means of earning money. Those skilled in the game and possessing clever tactics are considered professional players and have the potential to earn significant income.

To earn cash in an online Ludo game, the process is simple. First, register an account on by providing a mobile number and password. Once the account is created, a bonus of Rs 20 will be credited to it. Click here to download game.

No, Ludo has not been banned in India. The high courts of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh have deemed it a game of skill and thus, it is legal to play.