FAQ's for Ludo 365

When playing the online game Ludo 365, you may have the following FAQS in mind

Signing up for an account on the Ludo 365 app does not cost anything. To begin playing, simply provide your unique mobile number, a chosen password, and your email address.

Due to recent changes to the gaming act in the states of Assam, Telangana, and Odisha, it is no longer allowed to play the online game ludo 365 in these states. In compliance with the act, we have halted the ability for users residing in those states to play cash Ludo games.

If you create your account using the correct mobile number and OTP, you will be eligible for a sign-up bonus. This bonus will be automatically added to your main balance. Additionally, you will earn more bonus if you win the game against your opponent.

To upload your KYC on Ludo365.com, first sign in to your account:

Step 1:Log in to your Ludo account.

Step 2: Navigate to "Edit Profile" -> "KYC" -> "Upload Documents" by clicking on each respective option.

Step 3: Enter the account holder name.

Step 4: Enter the bank account number.

Step 5: Please provide a valid IFSC code for the bank.

Step 6: Enter proper Bank Name.

Step 7: Click on "Upload aadhar and PAN" and Upload an image not more than 300 KB. in size in .jpg, .gif or .png format and click on Update.

Don't worry, we have set up a system where your account balance will be credited within 20 minutes through PAYTM.

RNG stands for Random Number Generator(RNG). It is a system that produces random numbers for dice rolls, ensuring that there can be no manipulation.

Our system has undergone extensive quality control measures to guarantee fair play for all users when rolling the dice.

To win:
  • Play four-player games to earn faster
  • Play quick mode to finish and win the match within 5 minutes.

Ludo Room and Winnings
Room 1 :- Entry:- 10 INR    Winnings:- 17 INR
Room 2 :- Entry:- 20 INR    Winnings:- 35 INR
Room 3 :- Entry:- 50 INR    Winnings:- 92 INR
Room 4 :- Entry:- 100 INR    Winnings:- 192 INR
Room 5 :- Entry:- 200 INR    Winnings:- 380 INR

It is possible for individuals to earn money by winning Ludo online. As Ludo for real money is a game of skill, it is legal in India.

Main Wallet: Mainwallet are cash chips that you need to purchase by depositing amount in ludo365. Once your deposit is processed balance will get added in mainwallet. The cash in your account can now be used for playing in ludo rooms Ludo 365 games available to download on website. Please note that only 18+ age users can play game

Win walet: Win wallet are the chip that are earned by winning games. You can only withdraw the win wallet chips.